When breath has an unpleasant odor, it is known as “halitosis”. Depending on the cause, the odor can occur occasionally, but it has been known to become more of a long lasting problem with some people.

The mouth contains millions of bacteria, and the back of the tongue is where condensation of bacteria can occur. The bacteria that accumulates on the back of the tongue has been identified as a primary cause of bad breath.

Although bad breath and the accumulation of odor forming bacteria can be considered a common problem there are many causes of why frequent halitosis can be occurring, such problems could be:

Poor dental hygiene- If brushing and flossing is not conducted on a regular basis, bacteria and plaque can begin to form in hard to reach places. If this is the situation, poor dental hygiene can eventually lead to much more serious problems.

External sources – Smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking coffee, tea, or wine are just some of the causes of regularly occurring bad breath. These activities can also lead to the discoloration of teeth.

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